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Through the Lens of Retirement: Community Living Makes for Easy Living

The Sequoias, San Francisco resident smiling holding a camera

Craig Mole knew two people who lived at The Sequoias San Francisco before moving in 2022. Their stories of community living piqued his interest. As a professional photographer who spent decades capturing the beauty and complexity of the world through his lens, Craig was intrigued by the idea of continuing to engage in his passion for photography while also enjoying a supportive, enriching community.  

A lot of people wait to move. “I came in early at 74,“ said Craig. He lived in the same location for 30 years in Glen Park in San Francisco. Then, there was a death, and the home he shared had to be sold. “I was going to come here anyway, so why wait until 80?”

“I was able to get in, and I love it.” Craig attended Brooks Institute, worked as a product photographer, and owned a studio in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. “I get to have my own life and do my photography.” 

Craig’s friend urged him: “Make sure it’s a CCRC,” she said. Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), also known as Life Plan Retirement Communities, provide much more than peace of mind. Right after moving in, Craig quickly learned what it means to have support from staff who can cater to any need. He became sick and needed medicine and meals brought to his apartment. A Life Plan Community provides residents with assurance that around-the-clock, year-round, dedicated, and caring staff are there to provide support. 

Once he recovered, Craig began developing relationships and making many new friends. “Three meals a day and all the activities, it’s a pretty good deal,” said Craig. Community living opens the door to blooming friendships and social engagement. “They are such great people.”

Sequoia Living’s four Bay Area communities offer a chance to spend this next chapter growing and exploring. Discover how your life can be enhanced when surrounded by the support of caring professionals and a strong community. Select a location below and schedule a visit. 

Craigs’ favorite thing about The Sequoias is Tiramisu! A sweet treat makes for a sweeter life. What’s your favorite dessert? 

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