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Embrace Your Authentic Self at Sequoia Living

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Do you long to belong to a community where you can be your authentic self? At Sequoia Living LGBTQ+ residents feel accepted and supported in inclusive environments designed to build connections with new friends.

Staff and caregivers are proud allies who foster warm and inclusive environments where individuals can freely express their authentic selves without fearing judgment.

Live Life Authentically and Thrive With Pride

From art and literature to gardening and volunteer work, senior living communities support a healthy social life while creating an active retirement lifestyle. Beyond engaging activities, our Life Plan Communities offer something more profound: a sense of belonging among peers.

Daily interactions with diverse neighbors and friends create enriching connections, fostering a tight-knit community.

Residents delight in the camaraderie of gatherings, such as dinner clubs and happy hours. These welcoming spaces invite residents to come together, mingle, and share moments of joy while eating, drinking, conversing, and sharing laughter among cherished friends.

Establishing and nurturing relationships with similar interests and experiences is essential for a fulfilling life. It becomes even more critical for older adults as relationships change over time. Older adults cultivate connection and a sense of belonging in our communities, which is vital for enhancing their well-being.

Leading a Meaningful Life

Discover supportive communities at Sequoia Living, where friendships are built. In search of a retirement community that celebrates your identity and empowers you to thrive? See yourself at a Sequoia Living Life Plan Community.

We invite you to explore our inclusive environments where you can express your authentic self freely. Visit our retirement communities and envision yourself thriving with pride.

A Welcoming & Inclusive Community

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