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Commitment to Spirituality

We joyfully recognize that spiritual yearning is at the core of our humanity.  It is a yearning as important as the need for food, shelter and relationships. Spirituality is profoundly personal; it engages our feelings and our senses.  Spiritual experience can be found in nature, music, literature, art, religion, relationships, or in some other interest. Our spiritual experience may include wonder and awe, a search for meaning, a sense that something more than human efforts is at work in the world. For some of us spiritual experience is filled with questions and for some answers. We believe that spiritual variety is an asset to all.  We affirm that this priceless variety of spiritual expression weaves a tapestry of support for us as individuals and as a community.


Sequoia Living pledges to maintain and strengthen a culture in which spiritual practices and differences are appreciated. We know the spiritual uniqueness of every person among our residents, clients, staff, board members, and volunteers brings us closer to understanding our common humanity. We hope our understanding and appreciation for spirituality build our capacity for deeper engagement within ourselves, among others, and in our wider neighborhood.


We continually affirm Sequoia Living as a place in which its Mission and Vision statements, its policies and programs, and its Strategic Plan, create a climate of respect for the way each person offers something vital and unique. The value of spirituality benefits us all.