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Our Mission

Provide homes and services for healthy aging.

Our Values

  • Excellence - Everything we do is of the highest quality
  • Integrity - Being honest, responsible, and ethical
  • Respect - Honoring each person as unique and special
  • Service - Meeting needs and exceeding customer expectations
  • Stewardship - Using our resources wisely and well
  • Teamwork - Accomplishing our goals together

Our Commitment to Inclusion

We joyfully recognize that as human beings we are fundamentally alike in our needs and feelings, and at the same time we all reflect a rich tapestry of differences.  As a diverse people we have gifts to share.  When we provide the opportunities and encouragement people need to share their gifts, we create a better world for everyone.  Affirming this diversity means that we actively include all persons and value their variations.

We are committed to establishing and maintaining an inclusive, supportive, and responsive organization in which differences among all people are understood and appreciated.  We affirm the uniqueness of all persons—board members, staff, residents and clients—as members of the human family.  We believe a variety of backgrounds, styles, perspectives, values, and beliefs is an asset to all.

We further believe that the implementation of the Sequoia Living Mission and our Strategic Plan will lead to the creation of an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect, and everyone is recognized as having something vital and unique to offer.  The values of inclusion benefit both the group as a whole and the individuals in it.