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Funds of Senior Services for Northern California

We have established specific funds so that donors can choose how they want their gifts to be put to work. The following funds delineate on-going programs that SSNC supports.

Sequoia Living Unrestricted Fund

The Sequoia Living Unrestricted Fund supports areas of greatest need within all Sequoia Living communities and programs. Donors can also designate unrestricted fund gifts to specific Sequoia Living residential communities which include Western Park Apartments, Eastern Park Apartments, Town Park Towers, The Woods, The Sequoias ~ San Francisco, The Sequoias ~ Portola Valley and The Tamalpais.

Community Services Fund

The Community Services Fund provides support to Sequoia Living outreach programs to low income vulnerable seniors—most of whom do not reside in any of our communities. Sequoia Living provides volunteer opportunities, social services, and information and referrals.

Tomorrow Funds

Tomorrow Funds provide confidential supplemental support for Continuing Care residents who have outlived their own financial resources. These gifts help Continuing Care residents wherever it is most needed. Donors can designate their Tomorrow Fund gifts specifically to assist residents of The Tamalpais, The Sequoias ~ San Francisco, or The Sequoias ~ Portola Valley.

Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds are permanent funds that ensure the long-term continuation of specific programs. Donors "endow" their gifts by designating them for one of our endowment funds. We invest their gifts in stable instruments that produce continued and growing interest income for future funding of programs. There are separate endowment funds that support each of our Tomorrow Funds.

Health Center Funds

Health Center Funds provide special programs, equipment, and amenities for residents who reside in the Health Centers or Assisted Living units at The Tamalpais, The Sequoias ~ San Francisco, The Sequoias ~ Portola Valley, and The Lodge at The Woods.

Special Project Funds

Special Project Funds support new Sequoia Living approved projects or programs. Examples include new equipment, approved capital projects, new social programs, and other enhancements to residents' quality of life.