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San Francisco Senior Center

Founded in 1947, the San Francisco Senior Center (SFSC) is the nation’s oldest nonprofit senior center, offering classes, workshops, fitness programs, nutritious lunches, and critical social services to older adults at both its Aquatic Park and Downtown Centers. Every year thousands of participants come through SFSC’s doors for socialization, companionship, and intellectual, physical, creative, and emotional stimulation. Our participants range from well or able-bodied to very frail or disabled; from the newly retired to octogenarians and centenarians.

The Downtown Senior Center offers a safe respite in the Tenderloin for older adults, many of whom live in nearby single room occupancy hotels and experience social isolation. The Aquatic Park Senior Center is located in the Maritime Historic National Park on the San Francisco Bay: a breathtaking spot for older adults to participate in fine art, ceramics, photography, fitness, and other lifelong learning programs.

Visit the SFSC website to learn more, become an SFSC member, or volunteer.

This year…

  • 2,000 older adults were provided services and activities
  • 30,560 meals were served to Bay Area seniors