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Tomorrow Fund

Donations to the Tomorrow Fund provide confidential support for residents in our continuing care retirement communities who have outlived their financial resources. You can designate your Tomorrow Fund gifts specifically to help residents of The Tamalpais, The Sequoias–San Francisco, or The Sequoias–Portola Valley.  

A Tomorrow Fund success story:

Mr. Smith lived very simply and carefully. One of his daughters paid his entrance fee for a studio 10 years ago. He continued to work as a part-time carpenter until he turned 85, and his arthritis made it necessary to retire. It wasn’t long before his expenses exceeded his income and his assets were rapidly being depleted. Mr. Smith tried to disguise his need for a few months, which led him to become increasingly anxious and only exacerbated his physical problems. When he came to SSNC, we helped Mr. Smith with a budget and provided support from The Tomorrow Fund. It was a hallmark day when he remarked, “With my anxiety gone, I feel five years younger!”