Continuing Care

Independence and Security: The Continuing Care Concept.

Under a Continuing Care Agreement, Viamonte residents have the security of knowing that if they require higher levels of care in the future (Assisted Living and/or Memory Care), that care can be provided within the comfort of their own apartment home or within a portion of the community designed specifically with those needs in mind.


Many of us would prefer, in our later years, to settle into comfortable, friendly, home-like surroundings where our changing needs can be met without being dependent on family members. CCRCs offer combination of options such as independent living, assisted living, memory care and beyond, so that there is a continuum of care at different levels of need. One of the key attractions of CCRCs is the range of supportive or assistive services in addition to the lifestyle-focused amenities such as restaurants, fitness, wellness, and much more.

There are three levels of living within the continuum of care at Viamonte:


An individual or couple lives independently in their own spacious home, which includes services such as maintenance and housekeeping. From the comfort of their residence, they are free to explore, the full range of lifestyle, amenities, educational and entertainment programming and resources Viamonte offers.


Assisted Living services are provided at Viamonte for residents who need help with daily activities. Residents who require Assisted Living continue to enjoy many of the same culinary, recreational and learning opportunities as those in Independent Living, while receiving the benefit of customized care plans and the attention of compassionate caregivers, which can be provided within the comfort of their own home.


Our Memory Care Center offers furnished rooms designed for residents with mild to moderate dementia, such as Alzheimer’s or similar conditions. The goal of our specially trained staff is to minimize stress for residents and to help them maintain their independence and individuality for as long as possible.


Contained within every Continuing Care Residency Agreement with Viamonte is a promise that, in the unlikely event that your resources become exhausted, you will not be asked to leave the community.*

*For a full explanation of this benefit, please refer to the Viamonte Residence and Care Agreement, available upon request.


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