You Are Not Alone in This Journey

The Sequoias in Portola Valley, California, provides a hospice center with private suites to support family and friends during a loved one’s final chapter. We understand that each family member, caregiver, and loved one experiences death uniquely. Our dedicated licensed nurses and support staff work with your hospice provider* to offer compassionate care to everyone going through this time of grieving. Licensed nurses are readily available to provide assistance, answers, and specialized care, such as administering doctor-prescribed pain medication to ease discomfort and enhance the quality of life for your loved one on hospice.

A Caring Presence in Every Moment

Our team consists of more than just caregivers – they are committed companions, prepared to listen, understand, and offer comfort when both you and your loved ones need it most. Whether it’s extending a helping hand, offering a compassionate heart, or providing a supportive shoulder to lean on, we are here for you throughout this experience.

Hospice care room for resident and family at Portola Valley, hospice near Stanford

When is it Time for Hospice?

As life approaches its final stages, many individuals and families often turn to hospice care for its profound caring support. Hospice extends beyond medical treatment to provide an understanding heart where physical comfort, emotional well-being, and spiritual tranquility ease the end-of-life journey. Focusing on individualized attention, hospice enables the patient to make the most of each moment with their beloved family members. The decision to choose hospice provides the chance to create a dignified ending while their families take comfort in crafting lasting memories.

“The staff, residents, and the beauty of the community are all amazing.”

– Nancy

The staff, residents, and the beauty of the community are all amazing. – Nancy

Outdoor garden at Hospice center, The Sequoias Portola Valley, outdoor area near Stanford service,

What is Hospice?

Hospice is medical care for a person with an anticipated life expectancy of six months or less. When a cure is not an option, the focus shifts to symptom management. A team of trained professionals addresses the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of the person who is dying as well as provides support to surviving family members, friends, and caregivers.

Be Present in a Beautiful, Private Setting*

The comfort of you and your loved ones is our top priority. Hospice suites accommodate overnight stays so you don’t have to be separated from one another. You are welcome to visit at any time as there are no restrictions on visitation hours within our hospice center.

Each suite includes a cozy lounging area with views of peaceful gardens. This environment provides solace and support for families and caregivers, allowing them to find strength together. Additionally, we provide comforts such as aromatherapy, relaxing music, or gentle sounds to further soothe hearts and minds.

Hospice suites are offered to residents as well as people who reside outside of our community. Please fill out the form below or give us a call to find out the private-pay, daily rate for a hospice suite. The Sequoias collaborates with the hospice agency of your choice. If you have not selected a hospice provider, we are happy to give you a list of agencies to help with your selection process.

Nature Helps the Grieving Process

The power of nature can be healing and help you process your feelings as you cope with grief. Use the outdoors as a way to relieve stress and recharge. It can make a huge difference in your well-being as you are going through the grieving process. Take a walk and breath in the fresh air on the connecting paths and nearby trails.

Our community sits on 42 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds adjacent to Windy Hill Preserve, a sprawling 1,200 acres of green space. The Sequoias hospice center is located on the San Francisco Peninsula in San Mateo County, between San Francisco County and Santa Clara County.



Please contact us anytime. We’re here to answer your questions and give you a tour of our comforting community.