Never Stop Growing

Consider a career working with older adults

Our mission is to provide homes and services for healthy and joyful aging.

Our guiding philosophy is rooted on a commitment to Never Stop Growing. Growth for Sequoia Living is not so much about being bigger; it is about having a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo with a relentless pursuit of being slightly better than we were yesterday.

The more we learn… The more we know… The better we become.

With a diverse network of Life Plan Communities, programs, and services, our teams of extraordinary people are committed to healthy and joyful aging for older adults in the San Francisco Bay Area. Explore your passion and purpose while making a difference in the lives of seniors.

“At Sequoia Living, we prioritize people. Together, we celebrate superpowers and strive to have the right people in the right positions with the right support to excel each day.”

– Sara McVey, President and CEO

Personal Growth

Team members throughout are encouraged to explore their passions and expand their horizons. Fulfilled and joyful individual bring their best self to work, to their team, and to their community.

Professional Development

Whether through training programs, workshops, or mentoring, Sequoia Living team members have resources to help cultivate their talents and grow skillset.

Challenging the Status Quo

Team members are encouraged to explore new approaches to problem-solving and share innovative ideas. Unique perspectives help drive change and growth.

Continuous Learning

A fundamental aspect of our culture is the pursuit of knowledge. Continuous growth enriches lives, fosters joy, and strengthens communities.

In 2023, Sequoia Living achieved World’s Best Culture certification. This certification showcases our commitment to world-class excellence. We were recognized for having organizational values that fuel a rewarding work experience.

We believe we’re stronger together. We welcome people of different backgrounds and value their contributions. They are family, friends, and part of our communities; they make us better. We are stronger together — making us Sequoia Strong.

We’re fostering an environment that honors individuals of different backgrounds to promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB).

Core Values Guide Everything We Do


We are responsible to ourselves and others.

We know and exceed expectations.

We know our outcomes.


We are respectful and inclusive.

We listen and seek to understand.

We act with good intentions.


We actively look for ways to help.

We acknowledge and celebrate often.

We embrace common goals.

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