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Meet RoxAnn and Bobby: Empowering Residents at Sequoia Living

Empowering Residents, senior living staff person and resident

Life Plan Communities are an excellent option for people seeking a maintenance-free retirement lifestyle while accessing long-term health care if needed. Each Sequoia Living community runs like a well-oiled machine, 24/7, day in and day out. 

Making a Life Plan Community function 365 days a year takes hundreds of individuals and roles. Sequoia Living staff are integral in empowering residents while ensuring the success of its communities, programs, and services, from administrative personnel to caregivers, nurses, dining, and maintenance staff. Each role is essential in assuring residents receive the care and support they need to maintain their independence and quality of life. 

Team Members Who Empower Residents to Live Life to the Fullest

Sequoia Living’s staff are devoted professionals who provide residents with care and services they appreciate and count on year-round. 

RoxAnn King, Director of Memory Care and Assisted Living, oversees the care of older adults in higher levels of care. With nearly 30 years in healthcare, RoxAnn ensures staff provides high-quality care, communicates with residents and their families, and reports on their well-being and community updates.

Roxann oversees residents’ medical care to ensure their physical and mental health needs are met. It is an understatement to say RoxAnn’s role is crucial to the residents’ overall well-being.

 “Working with seniors makes me feel fulfilled in my career,” said Roxann. 

At a young age, RoxAnn felt a calling to work with older adults. Since 1995, she has encouraged and trained the next generation of geriatric nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Growth is important to RoxAnn. As a leader at Sequoia Living, she encourages her team to open themselves up to opportunities that enrich their lives.

 Together Is Better 

Robert “Bobby” Brown, began his career with Sequoia Living in 1979. His contributions significantly impact the quality of life of residents and his fellow team members. Through his role, Bobby ensures that the culinary team has the inventory they need to keep residents nourished and meet their dietary needs through dining services. 

As a storeroom manager, Bobby has a crucial role in procuring and storing supplies to ensure staff has what they need to provide the best culinary experience to residents. Team members rely on Bobby to provide ingredients for nearly 750 meals per day. 

Bobby’s dedication ensures the culinary team receives the necessary materials to cook delectable dishes that promote togetherness and enjoyment at mealtimes. Over the last four decades with Sequoia Living, Bobby has gained new skills and has had the pleasure of meeting community residents from diverse backgrounds. “I have formed a fondness with a number of the residents, and I think they’re fond of me too,” says Bobby. “I love the Sequoias. I’ve been here a long time – every day is a chance to learn more and meet interesting people.” 

Eating together in retirement communities is one of the residents’ most meaningful aspects of the day. It allows them to connect with friends and enjoy nourishing meals together. Sequoia Living communities offer a variety of healthy and balanced meals to support residents’ well-being. 

Empowering People In Senior Living 

Life Plan Communities, also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), are designed to enhance seniors’ experience and empower them to focus on activities they enjoy. Residents enjoy socializing, hobbies, leisure activities, and doing what they love while staff members provide resources and services.

For many retirees and their families, a Life Plan Community provides peace of mind knowing that all levels of care are available when needed. Many older adults downsize to independent living and participate in various offerings, including social groups, excursions to art galleries, performing arts, festivals, and other cultural attractions.

Empowering individuals in senior living means ensuring they have access to the resources and support they need to live their lives to the fullest. By promoting independence, social engagement, education and training, access to healthcare, and mental health support, individuals like Roxann and Bobby help seniors thrive and maintain a high quality of life. Each day is filled with opportunities to discover, learn, and grow. 

Live, Work, and Thrive at Sequoia Living

Roxann and Bobby are two of the many people who make Sequoia Living communities, programs, and services better. They demonstrate why our retirement communities are exceptional environments to live, work, and Never Stop Growing.

Our four Bay Area Life Plan Communities offer a range of services, amenities, and housing options, including independent to assisted living and the care you need when you need it. Sequoia Living residents participate in life-enrichment activities and fitness classes while enjoying meals prepared by talented chefs.  

Thank you, Roxann and Bobby, for your commitment and devotion to our residents and their well-being. Your efforts are recognized. 

Live, work, and thrive together at Sequoia Living. Join our team and gain fulfillment in your career in senior living