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For over 50 years, guided by a mission to improve the quality of life for all seniors, regardless of economic status or cultural background, Sequoia Living has provided community service programs focused on physical, social, health and spiritual care.

Through our Community Service programs, the Sequoia Living mission extends into the greater Bay Area community, creating a lasting positive impact on older adults. Each year, our Community Service programs help thousands of Bay Area seniors maintain their health, live independently, and participate in educational and cultural activities.


Experience Corps Bay Area matches volunteer tutors aged 50 and over with struggling readers in grades K–3. By pairing young learners with experienced readers, we help to build confidence and trust at a critical time for children. Studies have shown that achieving literacy in these early years greatly influences whether a student stays in school and graduates.

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Resident Services Program

The Resident Services Program serves low-income seniors and people with disabilities who reside in nineteen affordable housing properties in the Bay Area. Through non-profit housing partnerships, Resident Services Coordinators provide on-site services, crisis management, housing sustainability support, and educational and health related activities.

Intergenerational Program

The Intergenerational Program focuses on seniors and adults with disabilities who live in twelve San Francisco affordable housing sites where Sequoia Living provides services. The program partners with local schools to organize activities and foster relationships with residents. The Intergenerational Program is made possible through a grant provided by the San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services.

The Numbers


Tutoring Sessions

were provided to 205 elementary school students by 108 Experience Corps Bay Area volunteers in the 2021-22 school year.

The Numbers


Affordable Housing Residents

received information, support, and resources from Sequoia Living's Resident Services Coordinators.

The Numbers


Diverse Older Adults

participated in 2,145 life-enriching classes and events at our two San Francisco Senior Centers.