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Never Stop Growing at Sequoia Living

Never Stop Growing, Sequoia Living Philosophy, staff member and resident talking

Did you know giant sequoias are the world’s largest and hardiest trees known for their continuous growth? At Sequoia Living, our guiding philosophy is rooted in Never Stop Growing. With a diverse network of senior living communities and programs, our team of extraordinary people are committed to healthy and joyful aging for older adults in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 2023, Sequoia Living achieved World’s Best Culture certification. This certification showcases our commitment to world-class excellence. We were recognized for having organizational values that fuel a rewarding work experience.

Personal Growth

We recognize that personal growth is the foundation of an individual’s well-being and fulfillment. Team members throughout Sequoia Living are encouraged to explore their passions and expand their horizons. A fulfilled and joyful individual will bring their best self to work, to their team, and to their community.

Professional Development

Whether through training programs, workshops, or mentoring, Sequoia Living team members have resources to help cultivate their talents.

Challenging the Status Quo

Progress comes from questioning the status quo and aiming to be better a little bit each day. Individuals are encouraged to explore new approaches to problem-solving and share innovative ideas. We value diversity and unique perspectives to help drive change and growth.

Continuous Learning

A fundamental aspect of Sequoia Living’s culture is the pursuit of knowledge. Continuous growth enriches lives, fosters joy, and strengthens communities.

At Sequoia Living, our mission is to provide homes and services for healthy and joyful aging. Regardless if you are a team member, resident, program participant, or volunteer, we create opportunities to explore passion and purpose. Learn about our communities, programs, and services here.

Make your mark in a meaningful way. Make a difference in the lives of seniors by joining our team. View open positions and apply today.

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