As you enter this new chapter in your life, a fresh start awaits. Downsizing and decluttering will help you embrace your new adventure into community living.

Downsizing can be an exhausting and time-consuming experience for anyone – both mentally and physically. Yet, with the right tools, downsizing can feel manageable and straightforward. Below are tips from Sequoia Living that will make downsizing easier for you.

Downsize With Ease

What to do when making a move to a retirement community?

Start early
The downsizing process can take longer than expected, so give yourself enough time. Be patient, and do not try to clear out the entirety of your house in one sitting or overnight.

Create a plan
It may take a few weeks, maybe even months, before you are entirely done sorting through every nook and cranny of your home. When creating your timeline, start with your scheduled moving date and work backward. Start with a less utilized room in your home, then work your way up to the more challenging ones until you’ve cleared out all parts from top to bottom.

Get the lay of the land
It is recommended you obtain a copy of the exact floor plan for your new home, measure furniture, and decide which pieces will be making a move. Planning the layout can help you visualize yourself in your new apartment.

Declutter and downsize
New residents find it helpful to consult a professional organizer who can guide them through this process. Downsizing can be very emotional as you sift through decades worth of possessions and precious memories. When you downsize, you’re surrounding yourself with only those items you love and use most.


Let it go. With online platforms like Nextdoor, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace, apps, yard sales, and an abundance of thrift shops, selling your belongings has never been easier.

You can also reach out to organizations that accept donated items, such as nonprofits (i.e., Goodwill), consignment stores, antique dealers, etc. Often, shelters and transitional housing need furniture, so consider paying it forward. Many people find it easier to host a garage or yard sale and donate what remains. But if that sounds like more than you care to deal with, hiring a move management firm familiar with downsizing to run an estate sale might be the simplest route.

Downsizing Made Easier

Our Move-In Guide includes tips on decluttering, packing, and more. You get access to downsizing dos and don’ts, all in one handy guide.


Before moving to a retirement community, you must handle several “housekeeping items” to ensure continuity and communication with existing accounts. For a detailed list of entities, download the Downsizing Checklist.

Planning for your present and future healthcare needs is essential in transitioning to a senior living community. Finding new primary care and specialist physicians should be a top priority if you move to a new town or region.


If you’ve completed the downsizing process, you will better understand which furniture and home decor will be going with you. It is also important to consider the smaller items that will help you feel at home in your new residence. The list below can help ensure the essentials make the trip:

  • Seasonal clothing and accessories
  • Electronics
  • Bathing and personal items
  • Books
  • Health and wellness items
  • Important documents


Downsizing to a community can be overwhelming. Many things are changing, and you might feel a myriad of emotions. At Sequoia Living, we’re here to ease your transition and ensure you’re well-cared for and happy. Claim your move-in bonus.

Here’s to the beginning of something incredibly wonderful as you start this next chapter full of opportunities to discover, learn, and grow each day.

At Sequoia Living, residents enjoy many activities, from live music to exercise classes and outings, which offer lifelong learning, growth, and well-being opportunities—fostering a chance to Never Stop Growing.

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