Have you ever considered living in a San Francisco apartment? Our spacious, light-filled studios are perfect for those who want to experience all that The Sequoias has to offer while living in a world-class city at a fraction of the cost. Here are a few good reasons to think about.

Studios are cost-effective.

A studio is the best deal in the building. We’re located in a highly sought-after urban location where people spend over a million dollars for a small condominium. Here, you can secure your new home starting at $225,000, plus monthly care fee, while utilizing the entire 26-story building as your living space.

Studios keep life simple.

Are you a minimalist at heart? Is your mantra: “If I haven’t looked at it in a year, I’m getting rid of it”? A studio apartment may be the perfect fit for you. In a studio, life is boiled down to the essentials. Less space equals less clutter – you don’t have to worry about filling up your space, and your place is also faster to tidy up before you’re jetting off for a night on the town.

More of an introvert?

Studios are great for homebodies too. Create your own unique space where you can recharge and enjoy your “me” time watching movies, enjoying hobbies, or curling up with a good book.

What about entertaining and overnight guests?

It’s true, in a studio, sometimes you need to be creative when it comes to entertaining. Our studios are large enough to create a conversation space for visitors. The Sequoias San Francisco offers a guest suite available for overnight guests which must be reserved in advance.

Room with white couch and coffee table
Studio apartment with a white bed, white carpet, white walls, and white couch.
Bathroom in studio apartment with white walls and white countertop.


  • Monthly care fees are based on the square footage of the apartment, so you will be paying less than everyone else in the building while having access to the same services and amenities.
  • If you are going to downsize, our moving coordinators can help you choose your favorite possessions to accompany you to our community.


  • Enjoy the 360-degree rooftop view with a walking pad, shared gardens on the 2nd-floor patios, and a dog park out the front door. All with 24-hour security.
  • Did we mention we have two personal chefs with nearly 50 years of combined experience?
  • From the auditorium to the fireside lounge, we have three grand pianos to enjoy.
  • If you feel like cooking for yourself or others, there is an outstanding kitchen with a stove on the 7th floor that anyone can reserve for parties.
  • There are weekly opportunities to attend concerts at The Sequoias or at a nearby performance hall.
  • Come on down to the gym or join an class to get your body and your mind moving.
Studios at The Sequoias SF. Bathroom. White walls, white counter top.
Studios at The Sequoias SF. Bed in apartment. Blue throw pillows, blue throw blanket, white walls.
Studios at The Sequoias SF. Entranceway. White walls and doors. Off-white carpet.


Schedule a time to learn more about The Sequoias San Francisco and see one of our beautiful studio apartments for yourself.


Our staff receives joy by delighting our residents, their families, and all our guests. It’s one of the many reasons we love coming to work each day. Please contact us anytime. We’re happy to answer your questions and give you and your loved ones a tour of our beautiful community.