Whether to relocate to a residential retirement community such as Viamonte is a major life decision. To help you make that decision without uncertainty, we are happy to answer some of the most common questions we receive about choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community.

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An exceptional dining experience is just one more reason that Viamonte stands apart from any other retirement living community. With a selection of seasonal menus that feature daily and local specialties, our eclectic choice of dining venues offers more dishes than a discerning palate can envision. All our fresh, healthy options are prepared by a gourmet chef and a skilled culinary team, with a focus on meals that are low in sodium, fat and sugar. To provide residents flexibility in where and when they choose to dine in the community, our dining plan includes monthly credits that can be used in all our venues.

The goal behind every amenity at Viamonte is to inspire residents to lead an active and engaged lifestyle both in and out of their homes. This includes restaurant-quality dining venues that offer alfresco and private dining so you can enjoy a delicious meal with friends while still maintaining a safe environment for both yourself and our staff. Outdoor lounge areas and activity spaces like the bocce court also provide ideal opportunities for being as active as you want to be. Indoor amenities like our art studio, technology center, and even the exhibition kitchen are places where creativity can flourish. Our wellness center features a state-of-the-art fitness facility, as well as a pool and spa for daily exercise. All these amenities and more are available to residents and are complemented by the many nearby resources of the Bay Area.


In most cases your long-term care policy will work hand-in-hand with care provided at Viamonte and pay earned benefits directly to you as the policyholder. These payments can help defray and in some cases completely cover, your monthly service fee at Viamonte and help further preserve your assets. As with all insurance matters, you should consult with your carrier or agent for specific answers regarding your individual policy.

Like most Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Viamonte requires an upfront entrance fee and a monthly fee. Most future residents will choose to fund their entrance fee from the proceeds of the sale of their home. Monthly fees are based on the size of the residence selected and the number of occupants and, in most cases, will be comparable to the cost of living independently. Our fees have been determined based on providing both the level of residential and medical excellence that you desire, and a financial model that is affordable and sustainable. To learn more about our fees and pricing, please schedule a one-on-one appointment with a Viamonte senior living counselor at 925-621-6600.

The monthly service fee is a comprehensive charge that varies depending upon the residence size selected and the number of occupants. The monthly service fee covers a host of services, including a flexible monthly dining plan, interior and exterior maintenance, all utilities, bi-weekly housekeeping and scheduled transportation. So, as a resident of Viamonte, you will enjoy access to the community’s many amenities and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of exclusive social, cultural and educational programs and events.

An entrance fee is a one-time payment based on the size of the residence selected. As a resident of Viamonte, this entrance fee is 75% refundable to you or to your estate. Payment of this sum, along with a monthly service fee, entitles you to a home at Viamonte for life. The entrance fee allows Viamonte to offer monthly service fees that are closer to what most retirees pay on a monthly basis to maintain their current homes and lifestyles. The entrance fee also allows residents the opportunity to convey the deposit to their estate as desired in the future.


Our staff receives joy by delighting our residents, their families, and all our guests. It’s one of the many reasons we love coming to work each day. Please contact us anytime. We’re happy to answer your questions and give you and your loved ones a tour of our beautiful community.