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Celebrating Pride: A Message from Sara McVey

rainbow "love is love" lgbtq banner

When I lived in Seattle, the local Pride Parade was one of the highlights of summer. It was so powerful to experience a mass of people coming together, singing, laughing, and crying—while also knowing that although much has been accomplished, we still have a long way to go.

This weekend, San Francisco celebrates Pride — even without the legendary parade. This is the 50th year that LGBTQ people from all backgrounds—along with their families, friends and allies—have come together to celebrate who they are.

Although SF Pride festivities have moved online, virtual performances and events will uplift and honor the LGBTQ community, including the many activists of color who have led the fight for LGBTQ equality. The Pride movement itself was born from protest. The Stonewall riots, which occurred in response to police harassment of LGBTQ people, played a key role in sparking the movement for LGBTQ liberation.

Even though much progress has been made, there are still barriers to full equality and acceptance for LGBTQ people. Gay and trans people of color are still at great risk of discrimination and violence. Now more than ever, we must continue to stand up against bigotry and injustice and work for a world where all people are safe, welcome, and included.

Please join me in celebrating the LGBTQ community, their lives, and their contributions—not just this weekend, but always.

Sara McVey

Sara McVey, Sequoia Living President & CEO
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