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Happy Pride Month!

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Happy Pride Month 2021!

Each June, Pride events are held to around the world to celebrate the lives and contributions of LGBTQ+ individuals. Although San Francisco’s legendary Pride Parade is cancelled this year, SF Pride organizers are offering an exciting mix of in-person and online events built around the theme of “All in This Together.”

Pride is rooted in courage and the struggle for equality. This Pride Month marks the 52nd anniversary of the Stonewall riots, a series of protests in New York City led by trans women of color in response to police harassment of LGBTQ+ community members. These protests are credited with sparking the modern-day LGBTQ+ rights movement.

One way we can honor the spirit of Pride Month is to learn more about LGBTQ+ individuals, their life experiences, and their perspectives. Every Thursday in June at 1:00 pm, the San Francisco Senior Center is hosting Honoring PROUD Voices, a wonderful Zoom series featuring unique stories and meaningful dialogue with members of our diverse LGBTQ+ community. You can watch recordings of Honoring PROUD Voices on SFSC’s YouTube channel.

At Sequoia Living, we are committed to making our organization a place where all people can be their authentic selves, love who they love, and feel safe, welcome, and included.  We are proud to recognize and stand with our LGBTQ+ staff, residents, customers, and supporters. Know that you are seen, you are supported, and you are valued—this month and always.

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