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The Sequoias Portola Valley is Now a Certified Green Business!

We value our Community and our environment. Proud to be a certified California Green Business. Green. California Green Business Network.

The Sequoias Portola Valley is now officially certified as a San Mateo County Green Business!

“To all the residents and staff who worked together to make this a reality, I extend our most sincere thanks and congratulations,” said Rob Hays, Executive Director of The Sequoias Portola Valley (SPV). “We couldn’t be happier about this meaningful achievement.”

Here are just some of the ways The Sequoias Portola Valley has worked hard to green their business operations:

• Switching to non-toxic cleaning products
• Installing energy efficient lighting
• Sourcing recycled content products
• Utilizing low-flow water fixtures
• Striving to divert 90% of our waste from landfills
• And more!

Through the certification process, SPV has implemented sustainable practices to create a healthier environment for residents and staff as well as our planet.

SPV is proud to be a member of the California Green Business Network! Learn more about The Sequoias Portola Valley here and check out how you can make a difference at