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“Legacy Talks” Webinar Series Begins June 1

Legacy Talks. Sequoia Living. Legacy talks.

This summer, Sequoia Living is hosting “Legacy Talks” on environmental sustainability, a three-part webinar series kicking off Wednesday, June 1 at 2 PM. As an extension of its environmental stewardship, Sequoia Living aims to harness the expertise of thought leaders to create sustainable and attainable solutions, with the goal to inform, educate and advocate.

Science and research point to climate change as the cause of extreme weather events such as rising temperatures and wildfires which affect the health of Bay Area residents – as well as people across the planet. It’s essential for us to understand how and why climate change is happening. More importantly, we need to know how we can reduce the negative impacts of pollution in our air and water so we can live healthier lives free of rising temperatures, increasing drought, and wildfires.

Legacy Talks features experts who will educate us on climate research, waste management, pollution, water usage, and supply tips on how to become more conscious consumers.

 “Together we can create healthier living for generations to come,” said Ray Boudewyn, Vice President of Facilities and Procurement for Sequoia Living. “Through this virtual series, we aim to learn how to curb climate change to make the future brighter and healthier for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”

Session One, June 1 at 2 PM: Mitchell Beer, publisher and managing editor of The Energy Mix presents credible facts found in the latest research on global warming and shares what we can do to embrace environmental sustainability.

Session Two, June 15 at 2 PM: A panel of experts discusses how we can protect the planet for future generations by reducing waste and making the most of the food that is grown. Plus, discover how buying products that have less packaging, or buying from companies that use sustainable production methods, can be effective in reducing climate impact.

Session Three, June 29 at 2 PM: The speakers will emphasize how waste pollutes our planet through emissions and off-gassing. Simone Berkovitz of Marin Sanitation will discuss the latest news in the compost and recycling industry and share sorting tips for recycling. We will learn the “why” behind composting and other best practices that help keep our air and water clean.

During this series, hear what Sequoia Living is doing to reduce food waste and create its own energy independence. With its initiative for sustainability and well-being, Sequoia Living is committed to being a great place to live and work. “It is part of our mission to improve the quality of life for residents, reduce our buildings’ impact on the environment, and create healthier and more resilient communities,” said Boudewyn.

Join us for these informational webinars by registering here.