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Create an Abundant Full Life with Optimism and a Positive Mindset

Woman resident of Senior Living Community

Through this blog post, you can take inspiration from Ellen Fogarty’s story. Gain tips on how to create an abundantly full life by incorporating a positive mindset to manifest the retirement that you desire.

Ellen first learned about The Sequoias San Francisco in 1977. Her beloved nanny had taken up a new job at Sequoia Living, which left Ellen feeling out of sorts with toddler twin boys, a demanding career, and solo parenting. Little did she know that The Sequoias San Francisco would be the place she would call home four decades later, where she would gain insight into the community, develop friendships, and manifest her vision of an abundant and full life with optimism and a positive mindset.

Focused Intention

But, before moving in, she had to experience The Sequoias San Francisco for herself. For 8 years, Ellen was an integral part of the senior living community, where she worked part-time as a front desk receptionist. She took pride in adding joy and helping to brighten the days of residents and staff. As a staff member of a Sequoia Living Life Plan Community, Ellen gained a deeper appreciation for the professionals and care teams that ensure the needs, safety, and care of residents is carried out 365 days per year.

A Life Plan Community, also known as a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), provides all levels of care when needed, including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing within one campus.

Manifesting Your Reality With Optimism

After 40 years of living at home in San Francisco, Ellen decided to downsize into The Sequoias. Working at the retirement community, she gleaned help from the move-in manager, who provided a three-year downsizing plan for her home. The process proved helpful in decluttering and purging beforehand. A professional moving expert assisted with the final phase.

After years of planning, investing, selling her Bay Area home, and focusing her intention on this outcome, Ellen had finally made her vision a reality.

In September 2021, Ellen became an independent living resident. For Ellen, the move was more than a change of address; it lifted a weight from her shoulders. “I see this as a gift to my twin boys. I don’t want them to take care of me [as she grows older].” The move has not only allowed her to experience joy, fulfillment, and growth. She removed future care burdens from her adult children.

Living at a Sequoia Living community, Ellen has the freedom to discover, learn and grow each day. No two days are alike – living in a world-class city means she can attend a ball game during the day, have dinner out with friends in the evening, and enjoy a live performance, while also continuing to find career fulfillment as an independent contractor for wellness and health fairs.

Visualizing Your Reality With a Positive Mindset

As one focuses their mind, this sends out a signal for what one wants to manifest. For example, when combined with mental imagery, or visualization, it sets forth a powerful beam of energy towards fulfilling the desired goal.

In fact, many elite athletes and prominent figures utilize visualization, sometimes referred to as mental rehearsal, to focus their minds and improve their performance. Basketball star Stephen Curry, and Olympic champion and author, Lindsey Vonn, utilize these techniques to focus and achieve great success.

A conversation with a friend planted the seeds for Ellen’s creative visualization. “One of my buddies at the community told me that if I could get an ‘01’ unit, I’d love it.” She took a tour of his apartment and visualized herself living there, while also utilizing affirmations and vision boarding to manifest and call in the future she desired. It wasn’t long before an apartment ending in “01” became vacant, and Ellen knew it was meant to be hers. “Yes, I manifested it! My process may sound a little too ‘woo woo’ for some people, but it worked for me.”

Manifesting Her Vision With Optimism and a Positive Mindset

Fast forward to 2022, Ellen recently celebrated her one-year anniversary as a resident of the retirement community. The transition from staff to resident took time, “I felt I had my feet in two worlds, and it took a while to realize that I was a resident.”

Ellen shows us that, no matter what age you are, it is possible to live a full life. Genetics have an effect on how we age, but lifestyle choices also play a big role in our well-being. You can start living a more positive life by harnessing the power of intentionality in your everyday routine.

Adding a daily practice of mindfulness, visualization, and spending quality time with friends and family will also boost your overall well-being.

What Will You Manifest in 2023?

By taking inspiration from Ellen Fogarty’s story, make the choice to live your life with positivity and optimism to manifest your intentions throughout 2023. Science also backs the effects of positive thinking and optimism on health. The benefits are impressive.

By making a conscious effort to focus on your mind and body and embrace positivity, you can live your best life and continue to thrive no matter your age or stage in life. Schedule a visit and see yourself at Sequoia Living, your vision of a full abundant life is within reach. Schedule a visit today.