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Aging in Harmony: Learning Piano in Senior Living

resident playing piano

Retirement can be a wonderful time to pursue activities you’ve always wanted to do but never had time for. Upon retirement, May Lynne Lim picked up playing the piano again.

When she downsized to The Tamalpais Marin, the piano became the central fixture in her apartment. “It’s a small apartment grand piano that fits perfectly in the corner of my West-facing window,” said May Lynne. “I took piano lessons for a few years when my kids started school, and I was at home.” Parenthood and the day-in-and-day-out life routine can often make it challenging to pursue hobbies or interests. Still, many people, like May Lynne, find ways to return to those activities later in life. “In retirement, two things were on my bucket list, and piano was one of them,” said May Lynne. “When I turned 75, I started taking lessons, and I’m enjoying it.”

Hit The Right Keys with The Tamalpais Marin

May Lynne and her husband, Roger, discovered The Tamalpais Marin through their high school club advisor, who became a board member and resident of the community. Decades later, May Lynne and Roger attended dinners and events hosted by their friend.

Seeing firsthand the community’s exceptional care and support, May Lynne was inspired to plan for her future healthcare needs. She recalls a statement made by her mentor, “Every month, I only have to write this check, and I don’t have to worry about anything.” Residents enjoy an array of activities, wellness programming, and the joy of a maintenance-free lifestyle.

When it was time for May Lynne to simplify her lifestyle and downsize to a senior living community after Roger’s passing, she selected The Tamalpais Marin.

Finding Your Tempo

Mentors can play a crucial role in individuals’ personal and professional development. For Asian Americans and underrepresented minorities, mentors can have a long-lasting impact. A mentor can provide guidance, encouragement, and access to opportunities certain groups might not otherwise have. Mentors can also serve as role models and sources of inspiration, helping instill confidence and self-efficacy in their mentees.

May Lynne’s experience with her mentor from her youth ministry group at Cameron House, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering the San Francisco Chinese community, illustrates the lasting impact that mentors can have on the lives of youth.

Thanks to the guidance and support of her club advisor, May Lynne was introduced to the retirement community she calls home, and playing the piano is central to her wellness while aging in harmony.

Keys to Longevity

As someone who worked in estate planning, “I strongly believe in the benefits of retirement communities. I saw how some people waited too long,” said May Lynne. “Community living is great because there is always someone around if you want company, but if you prefer to be alone, you have that option too.”

senior playing mahjong

At The Tamalpais, May Lynne enjoys teaching Mahjong and playing her piano daily.

For anyone apprehensive about moving into a retirement community, May Lynne recommends doing it sooner rather than later. She has seen many people wait too long to make a move and regrets not doing it sooner. Living in a retirement community allows for a worry-free lifestyle and the ability to pursue hobbies and interests without the burdens of homeownership.

Retirement can be a fulfilling and exciting time of life, full of opportunities to pursue things you’ve wanted but haven’t had time for—a chance to explore new horizons and discover new possibilities.

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