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Summer Chronicles: Unforgettable Memories of Sequoia Living Residents

Summer, traditions and fond memories. Beach with people. Woman with paddle boards in water.

Summer traditions weave a tapestry of fond memories and unforgettable adventures. Do you remember the thrill of building sandcastles and stomping waves? Or the trips to visit Grandma or Grandpa? Road trips to unexplored destinations, backyard games under the sun, or sharing stories around a crackling bonfire—all these moments create our fond memory archives.

Strolling down “memory lane” has many benefits, especially as you age. It helps to improve communication skills, cognitive stimulation, emotional connection, opportunities for self-reflection, and more. By embracing and sharing your memories with others, you can enrich your life and strengthen your bonds with those around you.

Sequoia Living residents shared fond memories of their summer traditions.

Mountain Hiking Around the World

As a child and young adult, Robert Oliver spent summers exploring the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. Robert, a resident at The Tamalpais Marin, shared an unforgettable summer memory of hiking in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. He recalls the thrill of walking on trails through fields of wildflowers among towering peaks, which left an everlasting mark on his spirit.

One summer dream he yet has to accomplish is hiking and fishing in the Pyrenees.

Lake Tahoe Adventures

Jeannette Ogburn, a The Sequoias Portola Valley resident, has fond memories of Lake Tahoe. The Sierras Mountains were a scenic backdrop for idyllic summer getaways. Exploring lush forests, swimming in pristine waters, and basking in the golden sun created timeless memories for Jeannette.

The summer season would not be complete for Jeannette without family gatherings and barbecued foods. Barbecued chicken, in particular, holds a special place in her heart as it immediately transports her back to cherished family gatherings. She fondly remembers the joy-filled celebrations in Los Gatos and Lake Tahoe, where her family gathered for fireworks on the Fourth of July. These are unforgettable memories that Jeannette holds dearly.

Poetry of Love Unveiled at Donner Lake

The Sequoias Portola Valley resident Sid Liebes vividly remembers a summer spent at Donner Lake in the Tahoe National Forest. He shares a poem:

Donner Lake in ‘35
Sid Liebes

T’was Donner Lake
in ‘35
Five stunning years
I’d been alive

Not far from shore
I spotted a boat
tethered at stake
at rest and afloat

Nary a breeze
calm as could be
I waded out
to venture a sea

Mud squishing
up between my toes
I guess at sea
that’s the way it goes

Pollywogs wiggling
here and there
swimming about
seemed everywhere

Untied the rope
upon reaching the boat
never before
so deeply smote

Entering astern
set the boat in motion
never before
so deep an emotion

Down at the mud
I eventually gazed
never before
becoming so amazed

The boat adrift
gliding gently forward
slowed down not a bit
drifting onward and onward

Never before
in truth or in fiction
had I ever experienced
such absence for friction

Gradually recovering
spying a pair of oar
placed them in locks
and began to explore

That’s how it began
keeping going and going
Thus came about
my love of rowing

What is your most joy-filled memory?

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