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Meet David: Finding Freedom in A Community

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The excitement of homeownership wanes over time. Things break. Upkeep becomes harder and harder year after year. Even changing a light bulb becomes dreadful. Where did the freedom of homeownership go? As we grow older, our concept of freedom shifts towards being free from problems. It means having the liberty to do what we want, when we want, instead of spending weekends waiting for repair professionals to fix a clogged drain or replace a hot water heater.

Meet David Dissmeyer, a resident of Sequoia Living since 2017. At The Sequoias, David has discovered more than freedom of time. He gained something more profoundly meaningful about community living. “When I moved in, the not-so-obvious part to me was ‘community.’ The Sequoias is not just an apartment or a place to live. It is a place to meet with other people and discuss, learn and exchange ideas and create friendships.”

According to Harvard’s most extensive study on happiness, the #1 key to longevity is “having supportive and nurturing relationships is a buffer against life’s stresses and protects overall health.” Close relationships and social connections are crucial for your well-being as you age.

The Challenges of Homeownership

David knows firsthand how challenging homeownership can be for people as they age. He is a fourth-generation roofing contractor. During his career, David encountered many older adults living alone who were being defeated by the demands of upkeeping a home.

He noticed his clients struggled with maintenance and accessibility, but most notable was the social isolation. “As their health declined, they became increasingly isolated in their environment,” said David. “They had to find ways to manage their daily lives, care for their home, and find support to assist them.”

A New Chapter at The Sequoias

David’s journey to The Sequoias was unexpected. “After my late-life divorce, I was renting in San Francisco, and at 65, I was not looking to remarry or buy a home.” When a friend asked for help visiting senior living communities, David volunteered to drive him around the city. The Sequoias was the last community they visited.

“As we viewed the community, I was impressed with the interior architecture, the openness, and the decor of the atrium. The Sequoias was quite different from all the other places we had looked at.”

The community’s stunning interior architecture, the atrium, and unique charm stood above the previously visited retirement communities. They were shown a studio on the 25th floor. “After taking in the view, I said this is a cool place!” David was enamored by the view, and without hesitation, he knew this would be his next home. “Honestly, I had never made a decision so quickly in my entire life.”

“I love it here! No home maintenance, housekeeping every week, three meals a day, it’s like having a restaurant in your home,” said David. “It’s not easy to cook for one person. Living here frees up much more time to focus on my hobbies and other interests.”

Prime Location With Peace of Mind

The Sequoias San Francisco is one of four Bay Area Life Plan Communities operated and owned by Sequoia Living. The Life Plan Communities offer a continuum of healthcare, including clinic services, assistance with daily living, memory care, transitional and long-term care, as well as hospice and end-of-life care. The communities, also known as continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), create engaging, healthy, and joyful environments.

Did you know that San Francisco is among “The Top 10 Happiest Cities in the US in 2023″?

The future looks bright for David and his daughter, “I will not be placing a burden on my daughter.”

“I learned that I’m taken care of for the rest of my life, and I don’t have to be a burden to my daughter as I age.” What started as a chance meeting is a blessing in disguise. “My brother and I cared for our mom as she aged, and it was not an easy task having to find a community for her to live in, clearing out all her belongings in her home, and hoping we made the right choice for her,” David recommends securing your peace of mind before it’s too late.

Embrace the bright future that awaits you with community, freedom, and belonging. Discover maintenance-free retirement in the San Francisco Bay Area at a Sequoia Living community. Like David, take a leap of faith and Never Stop Growing at Sequoia Living.

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