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6 Tips For Moving to a Senior Living Community

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You’re making the move to a senior living community. Congratulations! This big step in your life is full of opportunities for adventure and joy—a brand new chapter filled with possibility. 

Moving into a retirement community is a great opportunity for you to pursue all the things you’re passionate about and curious to explore. Meeting new friends and discovering new hobbies are all part of the excitement that you’ll find in community living. It’s a big change. Just like with any major life decision, there is a transition period. Here are six tips to make sure you have a seamless transition into your new home.

1: Research How to Downsize

Decluttering and packing up your belongings are typically the first steps when moving. Though, in this case, older adults often curate their belongings to fit their new apartment and lifestyle.

Household items such as cookware or a lawnmower are no longer needed. People can often spend weeks, or even months, trying to sort through all the clothing, knick-knacks, and sentimental items that have been accumulated throughout their lifetime. And for good reason — these mementos serve as reminders of your fondest memories. They’re important.

Before you decide to take on the project, research the do’s and don’ts of downsizing to make the process as efficient as possible. Sequoia Living has created a Downsizing Guide with tips on decluttering and expert advice on the move-in process. Download your copy now

The downsizing guide is packed with valuable insights to simplify the “rightsizing” process. When rightsizing, it is essential to identify the most beloved and frequently used items that will make the move with you. And the best part? Every new resident receives 10 hours of complimentary Move-In Coordination. We’re here to help you.

2: Make It Feel Like Home

Buying all new furniture for your new home may sound like a lot of fun and a great way to get a fresh start. However, some residents find that having familiar belongings in a new living space helps them feel more comfortable. So, while you might be tempted to sell all your furniture and start fresh, take time to see if you can mix and match the old with the new to make your new residence a perfect reflection of who you are. There’s a tip included in the downsizing guide that might help with this: request the floorplan for your apartment to measure your furniture and bed to ensure it will fit in your new home. This will help you figure out what should stay and what should be replaced.

Enhance the comfort and warmth of your apartment beyond the interior. If you’re interested in doing a little more research, many Sequoia Living residents share their experiences on our blog. Current residents share advice as well as insights on community living.

3: Get Comfortable with Community Staff 

One of the easiest ways to adjust to your new community is to get comfortable with the people who work there.

Staff members at senior living communities are hired not only for their skill sets but also for their people skills and friendliness. Simply put, they are there to help you feel at ease in your new home. Meet a few staff members.

Whether it’s the housekeeper who handles your laundry and linens, the maintenance team who keeps your apartment in proper working order, or the marketing/sales team who helped you make the decision to move in the first place. Community staff are there to support you in pursuing your interests and focusing on the things that bring you joy.

These are individuals you’ll likely interact with daily, so engaging in friendly conversations with them will add to your overall happiness. Consider introducing staff members to your family and friends – this will help put their minds at ease and, in turn, make you feel more at home in your new community.

4: Organize Family Visits

It’s no surprise that spending time with family is a top priority for most people in retirement. So, make it a priority.

Don’t lose touch with your friends and loved ones just because you’re moving into a retirement community. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your new home by inviting them over for an evening. Sequoia Living Life Plan Communities offer spaces that are great for active grandchildren, chef-prepared dining options (sweet treats, too), or private spaces for entertaining.

Communities may offer guest rooms where family members can stay, so having your grandkids stay for the weekend can be a fun “staycation” option. 

5: Make The Move Sooner Rather Than Later

Many satisfied residents at Life Plan Communities are the ones who moved in when they were younger and could enjoy all of the active lifestyle amenities and services available. And there’s a reason for that.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing there is a continuum of care available if and when needed is important, and moving into a community on your own terms can give you a sense of empowerment. “I have a sense of relief…moving took a load off my mind,” said Michael, a Sequoia Living resident. Read more about Michael’s story

Being able to choose when it’s time for you to prepare for the next stage of your life gives you a mental edge while making the transition. It’s your way of saying, “I’m making this decision on my own because I’m ready and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.”

6: Get Involved in the Community

Though it’s last on our list of tips, finding ways to interact with the rest of your community is just as important as everything else we’ve listed above.

Similar to the boost in school spirit you felt by going to football games or prom, getting involved in activities with your neighbors and friends can make you feel more at home in your community. So don’t put off building a sense of camaraderie with neighbors or making new friends with similar interests.

There are plenty of ways to get involved. You can join a community club or even offer to start a new one. Being a part of activities like book clubs or a walking group is a great way to meet new people or even find a new hobby. The key is fairly simple: just be adventurous and try different things. You never know what you might fall in love with. 

Are you looking for the right community?

While transitioning into a new retirement community can be hard without the right help, finding a community can be just as challenging. If you’re still looking for the right-fit senior living community, be sure to schedule a visit at one of our four Bay Area Life Plan Communities located in San Francisco, Greenbrae, Portola Valley, and Walnut Creek. 

Schedule a visit by selecting a community below:

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