Sequoia Living COVID-19 Action Plan COVID-19 Action Plan

Our Leadership Team


They come from the public and private sectors, with backgrounds in finance and technology, healthcare and government senior services. All were drawn to Sequoia Living by the same belief: that the path we walk in life was built by those who came before us. And that the next generation will be measured by its treatment of the last one.

Sequoia Living Board of Directors

  • Gordon Howie, Chair
  • Michele Stratton, Vice-Chair
  • M. Kingsley Brown
  • Gary Freeman
  • Gayle S. Geary
  • Steven H. Herman
  • David Jamison
  • Rex Jamison, MD
  • Patricia Lynn
  • Nancy Hiroko Mayeda
  • Neal McNamara
  • Philip R. Placier
  • Dianne J. Spaulding

SSNC Board of Trustees

  • Steve Herman, Chair
  • Donna Bletzinger, PhD
  • Arlene Kirsch
  • David Levin, Secretary
  • Marilyn Suey
  • Gary Freeman
  • David Jamison
  • Barbara Creed
  • Jim Smith
  • Pete Palmer
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