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The Tamalpais Takes the First Step and Makes Vaccine History!

Elderly Lady getting a vaccination

Despite yesterday’s chilly temperatures, staff at The Tamalpais braved the elements to get the first dose of the new Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, given by the Marin County Department of Public Health. Eager Tam team members began lining up around 7:00 am in front of the building’s entrance to receive some of the very first COVID-19 vaccinations administered in Marin County.

More than 100 Tam employees took the first dose of the vaccine, with a second dose to follow after the recommended 21 days. In weeks to come, vaccinations will also be offered to Tam staff members who were unable to get them on Thursday. Later, vaccinations will be given to the Tam’s 293 residents in phases, beginning with skilled nursing residents.

For a more in-depth look at the day, check out this article from the Marin Independent Journal, which features quotes from Maria Cortez, CNA; Ashley McCargar, Infection Prevention Specialist; Wes Bard, Executive Director; Heidi Rieser, Nurse Manager; and Stewart Dalie, Director of Environmental Services.

A Tam resident also shared his reflections on the epic vaccine day in this email to his son:

Subject: FIRST!

At 7:30 this morning, one of our nurses was the first person in Marin County to be inoculated against Covid-19.  It was a gala event, with firefighters, police, local dignitaries, key Board of Health people, local doctors and, of course, the local newspaper. Evidently, The Tam has been the Board of Health’s elder care model for outstanding protocol planning and implementation, and has been most cooperative and timely in doing the Board’s bidding.  What a great compliment to the leadership of our Executive Director!  And what a great comfort to be reassured that I am getting such high quality protection from the Covid. Again, and again, thank you so much for bringing me up to the Tam.

Our staff and Assisted Living residents will be vaccinated during the balance of December. Us Independent Livers will be vaccinated beginning in January.

Love, Dad

Cheers to everyone at The Tam for working so hard to keep your community safe and for taking this important step to protect each other, friends and loved ones, and the people we serve. #SequoiaStrong


Photos courtesy Marcus Young, Town Kryer

Senior Living Foresight‘s Steve Moran interviewed Sara McVey; Tamalpais Executive Director, Wes Bard; and Tamalpais Director of Nursing, Corinne Sartorio, about the Tam’s vaccination day and its long-standing positive relationship with Marin County’s Department of Public Health.