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San Francisco Senior Center’s Plant Chat Group Springs Forward

Members of San Francisco Senior Center's Plant Chat group standing together outside

Earlier this spring, a team of plant-loving San Francisco Senior Center (SFSC) members celebrated their first in-person outing in a year! Fifteen members of SFSC’s Plant Chat group enjoyed a private tour of the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, organized by Rebekah Wright, SFSC’s Program Coordinator. The day was filled with sunshine, smiles, and magnolias in full bloom.

SFSC’s Plant Chat got its start as a Zoom program focused on the fascinating world of plants and plant care. Plant Chat members range from total newbies to green thumbs, united by a common interest in botany and horticulture. With Rebekah as their host and guide, Plant Chat participants have planted sunflowers, grown avocados from seed, learned about Easter lilies, and discussed plant care—all from the comfort of home.

The art and science of plant care is a perfect match for SFSC’s Living Well Aging Well model, which focuses on multiple dimensions of well-being. “Spending time with plants helps people feel at peace, relaxed, and creative—and it’s intellectually and socially enriching,” Rebekah explains. “Studying phenology—when flowers bloom and seasons change—helps people have a deeper connection to the passing of time and also gives them something to look forward to.”

There are more activities blooming at Plant Chat, including a lavender plant demo and a special reveal of an albino Monstera! Be sure to check out Plant Chat’s YouTube Educational Videos Playlist or this fun video exploring the question: Can you really grow rose cuttings in a banana?