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Sequoia Living’s Commitment to Serving Healthy Meals While Reducing Food Waste

Sequoia Living's Commitment to Serving Healthy Meals. Seafood plate being held by chef.

Sequoia Living, a nonprofit providing homes and services for healthy aging, recognizes the importance of creating healthier environments by reducing waste. With nearly 4,000 nutritious meals prepared daily, Sequoia Living uses sustainable practices focused on menu planning, tracking inventory, purchasing in-season ingredients, and reducing uneaten leftovers.

“At Sequoia Living we are committed to reducing the impact on the environment while providing nourishing and sustainable meals daily,” said Sara McVey, President and CEO of Sequoia Living. “We work with our chefs, dieticians, and dining service managers to prioritize ingredients from local and diverse artisans to reduce our carbon footprint.”

“Through this sustainable meals program, residents’ choice is of the utmost importance,” said Chef Tsitsi Helman. “We not only provide vegetarian options, but we also encourage ‘Meatless Mondays’ because we know reducing meat consumption is good for our heart and good for the planet.”

To continue learning about Sequoia Living’s efforts to reduce environmental impact and climate change, watch our Legacy Talks webinar series featuring discussions about emissions, air pollution, and strategies to reduce waste.

Being stewards of the environment is important to the people who live and work at Sequoia Living. Through our compost and recycling programs, everyone is involved in diverting waste from landfills. We invite you to come and learn what life is like at Sequoia Living. Click here to find a community near you.

About Sequoia Living
Sequoia Living, a Bay Area nonprofit since 1958, provides older adults with retirement communities and services designed to support and enrich lives. In 2021, Sequoia Living served more than 7,000 older adults through the organization’s four life plan communities, three affordable housing communities, two senior centers, and community services programs.