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Sequoia Living Invites Region to Help Promote Health & Well-Being by Reducing Fall Risk for Older Adults

Fall Prevention Month. Older woman on the ground from a fall.

Sequoia Living will be hosting Dr. Chris Thompson on Sept. 21, join us for a free webinar on incorporating an exercise routine to reduce fall risk.

The San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit invites people and organizations in the region to adopt a healthy mindset and become familiar with fall prevention strategies. During National Fall Prevention Month and Awareness Week, September 18-24, Sequoia Living also encourages individuals to recognize and aid an older adult who can benefit from increased exercise, better nutrition, hazard reduction in the home, and community support.

To educate the public, its residents, and participants of San Francisco Senior Centers, Sequoia Living will present Dr. Chris Thompson on September 21 at 2 pm for a one-hour Zoom seminar on how to incorporate an exercise routine to reduce fall risk. For a resource list and more information about falling, please visit:

“With over 25% of older adults accidentally falling each year, there is an opportunity to help people in the greater Bay Area live a healthier life and avoid a devastating health event,” says Sara McVey, CEO and President of Sequoia Living.

According to the National Council on Aging, accidental falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for people over 65 in the US. Falls are preventable and not a normal part of aging. Over 3 million seniors were treated in an emergency room from a fall last year, resulting in more than $50 billion in medical costs.

While the cost of treatment is high for these injuries, the pain associated can be excruciating and reduce a person’s mobility and quality of life. Through exercise, eating healthy, knowing your surroundings, and having community support, you and your loved ones are being proactive in your health and longevity.

How can you help reduce the risk of an accidental fall for a loved one?

  • Encourage them to review all prescriptions and over-the-counter supplements with their pharmacist and primary care doctor. The combinations of both — over-the-counter and prescribed drugs — can cause drowsiness and dizziness which can increase the risk of an accidental fall.
  • Ensure they are hydrated and are getting enough protein, calcium, and vitamin D.
  • Remove trip hazards such as throw rugs and extension cords.
  • Make sure lighting is illuminating paths in and around the home, and that all burnt bulbs are replaced.

At Sequoias Living, fall prevention is a continuous endeavor for the safety of our residents and staff members. Our mission is to provide homes and services for healthy aging. We strive to create stimulating, joyful living environments that support and enrich the lives of older adults.