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Inclusive Retirement Community for Connecting LGBTQ+ Seniors

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Are you an LGBTQ+ senior searching for a retirement community where you can feel accepted and supported? Look no further than The Sequoias San Francisco. This community promotes diversity and inclusiveness. Here we recognize and celebrate the unique identities of LGBTQ+ residents, colleagues, family members, and friends.

“This is a very warm, accepting, open community,” says Patti McWilliams, who recently celebrated her second anniversary as a resident of The Sequoias. Friends already residing at The Sequoias were instrumental in her decision to move, which eased the transition into the retirement community. Her robust support system guided her through challenges that arise with aging, including the death of her spouse and life partner, as well as the passing of other family and close friends.

Creating valuable relationships and a true sense of community with peers is crucial to building and maintaining a welcoming environment where one can thrive. Age-related losses can be challenging without a support system. The Sequoias San Francisco provides much-needed support, according to Patti. “Numerous groups and activities offer opportunities for connection with others, such as theater groups, cocktail parties, varied musical presentations, weekly movies, and many other possibilities that can be attended alone or with others.”

Once a month, members of the LGBTQ+ community gather for dinner and share drinks and food with peers and friends. Month to month, the group varies from 15 to 35 attendees. “It is important to feel and be part of a group, to feel embraced,” says Patti. “Not only for those of us who are part of distinct communities but for older adults. Losing those close to us is heartbreaking and very isolating when dealing with such major losses alone.” Connections enhance residents’ well-being, a crucial element of healthy aging.

Take the first step towards a fulfilling and accepting retirement community. Contact The Sequoias San Francisco today to learn more about our inclusive environment and how we can support you on your journey. Find joy, connection, and community at The Sequoias.

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