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From Turkey Dinners to Newfound Friendships: Sequoia Living Residents Share Their Holiday Traditions

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Sequoia Living residents share fond memories of holiday traditions, new and old.

The holidays at Sequoia Living’s Life Plan Communities are more than a date on the calendar. Holidays bring residents closer, friendships grow stronger roots, and new traditions are crafted.

Residents love to talk about their favorite holiday traditions and the magic that fills the air during this festive time. Read their stories below.

Favorite Holiday Traditions

For many, Thanksgiving holds a special place in their hearts. Sue Parsell fondly reminisced the tradition of hosting turkey dinner and inviting friends who brought side dishes or traveling to the East Coast. Creating a bountiful spread of joy, laughter, and expressing gratitude.

Although Sue no longer travels during the holidays, she has found close-knit friends in her community and invites her life-long friends to gather at The Sequoias. “When we have guests for a holiday at our community, we usually have champagne, some candied pecans, or salted nuts with various cheeses in our apartment or at our reserved table in the dining room,” said Sue. “Entertaining is a lot easier here because I actually have more time to spend with my guests instead of spending time in the kitchen.”

How have the holidays changed since moving to a Life Plan Community? 

“Before moving to The Sequoias, I didn’t mark holidays unless they were celebrated at church,” said AnnieScott Rogers. She now loves the holidays “to experience friends with good food and good stories” at her Bay Area Life Plan Community. For Thanksgiving, “My favorites are dark meat turkey, dressing (or stuffing), mashed potatoes with gravy, and green bean casserole.” Wine and dessert options are also available. 

New Traditions in Community Living

The move to a senior living community brings about a change in holiday celebrations for many residents. No longer burdened with the task of grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking, residents find joy in communal celebrations with a full spread of chef-prepared dishes… and no one has to do dishes or find creative ways of utilizing the leftovers.

Residents happily shared the experience of gathering with newfound friends, a delightful departure from the solitary holidays of the past. “Since moving, I don’t miss a holiday without having a wonderful meal with friends,” said AnnieScott. “I invite new residents or old friends to join the table. If I can get six to eight people, it’s a party!” 

Freed from kitchen duties, residents embrace communal celebrations – a feast shared with new friends, each contributing delicious treats. Sue recalls enjoying her mother’s homemade baked treats on Thanksgiving, and she graciously shared the Georgia Pecan Sticks cookie recipe. You can download the recipe here. An English family tradition was a must on Christmas: Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce. In her retirement Life Plan Community, “I have made new friends, so we gather, enjoy dinner together, and bring goodies to share.” A beautiful new tradition has been established.

Are you curious to experience the warmth of community living? Join us for a visit and discover the joy of shared celebrations, friendships, and a life enriched by new traditions. Contact us today at one of the communities below.

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