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Cultivate an Active and Joyful Life in the Garden

Sequoia Living resident next to a garden bed

As you age, staying active and engaged in activities that keep you physically and mentally fit is important. One such activity that is popular among Sequoia Living residents is gardening. Gardening offers many benefits, from soaking up sunshine to boosting your well-being and helping to add physical activity to your day. 

For Jim Smith, a resident of The Sequoias San Francisco, gardening is an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby allowing him to connect with nature and witness firsthand the fruits of his labor. After relocating to The Sequoias eleven years ago, “I was fortunate enough to inherit a plot in the residents’ garden with three rose bushes,” said Jim. 

Each Sequoia Living Life Plan Community offers a dedicated residents’ garden, allowing retirees to nurture their plot and grow what their heart desires. Many residents enjoy continuing their passion for gardening once they have moved to a senior living community. For others, it’s an opportunity to explore nature and cultivate a new hobby while enjoying the many benefits of the outdoors.

Gardening is enjoyable and educational. Jim was looking for a hobby that did not require technology. As a novice gardener, he has learned to pay attention to details with a watchful eye. “With roses, you constantly have to watch out for and deal with diseases, constantly evaluating their health,” said Jim. He has also learned the importance of visual and textural contrast and how to attract beneficial insects and pollinators, which can improve the health of plants and soil. “I planted different flowers and ground covers, which became my laboratory for experimenting with colors and forms.” Most gardeners will agree with Jim’s experience. “I’ve had some success and many failures. It has all been a valuable learning experience.”

Three reasons why Jim enjoys gardening:

  • The Outdoors
    Spending time outdoors is important, as it provides fresh air and sunshine. Gardening is a great way to enjoy nature and soak up some Vitamin D. Improved sleep, reduced symptoms of seasonal depression, and boosted immune function are among the benefits of spending time outdoors.
  • Higher Spirits
    Gardening positively impacts mental health by fostering a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Seeing the fruits of his labor and taking pride in his hard work increases Jim’s happiness. And it reminds Jim of his beloved furry friend, a metal cutout of Mr. Macduff, which serves as a cherished reminder of wonderful memories. Lastly, socializing with friends and neighbors can help fight the blues.
  • Exercise
    By gardening, Jim can get a bit of exercise. Digging, planting, weeding, and pruning can help improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Gardening provides a low-impact exercise that benefits older adults with joint pain or mobility concerns.

Gardening is an excellent option if you are considering starting a new hobby. Get your hands dirty and play in the garden soil. Your inner child will love it! 

Like Jim, being outdoors, adding joy to your day, and getting some exercise are a few of the perks of gardening. You’ll enjoy the benefits listed above while cultivating something beautiful and meaningful. 

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